The FanFuel Difference: The F Challenge


Affiliate marketing is so transactional. You make sales, you earn money. Here at FanFuel, we wanted to make affiliate marketing more personal. That’s why we created the F Challenge. To reward affiliates for their performance not only with financial incentives but also with some amazing prizes.

How We Reward Our Team

We believe that not all rewards and bonuses should be financial. If you pay well, then bonuses can be more fun and unique.

We send new starters here at FanFuel a care package including some of our products, a Kindle and a few novelty items. Last year at Christmas, we sent everyone on the team a bottle of locally produced gin from Glaswegin.

We also have end-of-month celebrations with a quiz and prizes. I recently grabbed myself an Amazon Echo Show after coming runner-up in one of these quizzes. This prize meant much more to me than the cash value as it’s something personal that I wanted, rather than paying for my gas bill for the month.

The F Challenge Prizes

Currently, the smallest F Challenge prize is an iPhone SE at 2,000 F-Points, but we’re always open to new ideas for prizes. The biggest prize is a Ferrari California at a staggering 240,000 F-Points giving even the biggest affiliates a challenge to achieve it.

These are just the extremes. There is also a range of prizes in between, including a MacBook Pro for 4,000 F-Points. Or perhaps you’d prefer a Rolex Submariner for 30,000 F-Points. The most popular prize to date is the MacBook Pro, with 11 claimed to date.

We chose these prizes, not because of their financial value but because they’re cool and we’d love to have them. Earning enough F-Points for any one of them is a huge achievement and something that any affiliate should be proud of.

Bringing Style To The Affiliate Lifestyle

Affiliates deserve the lifestyle of (digital marketing) rockstars. We’re looking into more unique prizes aimed at both individuals and teams that give affiliates the lifestyle they deserve.

If you have any cool ideas, we’d love to hear them.

What’s Next For The F Challenge?

Right now, affiliates receive weekly updates via email on their total F-Points with an update on how close they are to the next prize. We’re making this easier with work ongoing for an affiliate dashboard that allows affiliates to:

  • See their total F-Points
  • See their ranking on the leaderboard
  • Claim prizes whenever they wish

We’re developing these features not just for the F Challenge but with future competitions in mind too. We want to keep rewarding affiliates for their fantastic work. The rules and prizes may change. Still, we’ll plan to always give affiliates more than just money alone.

Want to know more about the F Challenge? View the full details here.


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